Teen & High School Senior Photography

Senior Portrait Photography should represent your teen. Where they have been, where they are headed, all the accomplishments and the new goals! This is an important milestone in your teens life. This marks the end of a "childhood" and the beginning of their life as adults with dreams and goals of their own, ready to take on the world. Fill them with confidence and a strong sense of self. Let them know how proud you are of their success, even if it was tough to get here! Or easy.

Teen Portrait Photography is so important as well, they are changing in their teen years nearly as fast as they were changing in the baby years. You blink your eyes and boom, where did this beautiful young lady or handsome young man come from? At least that is how I felt about my nieces! I have photographed them a couple times a year since they were kids, now I just tell them to do some cool make-up (because that is her thing) and come see me so that we can play around in my studio just for fun. I get to show them just how beautiful they are! It is a confidence booster especially in this social media, image driven world we live in. I shoot images that don't only make Mom happy or Grandma proud, but images that will make them excited to share as well. Let them have some say in where we go and what we shoot. Let's get Creative and have some Fun!

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