In Studio

If you follow my work, then you know I love studio work! Simple, Stunning and Timeless to Transformation and Creativity. My studio style is clean and highlights my subject, inspires emotion and connection, direct storytelling. I find it fascinating and captivating!

Floyd Lamb State Park

A lot of you have been here before, it is located on the NW side of the Vegas Valley. Being a park it has definitely has the park vibe. Big space, for this location I tend to do a "walk and shoot" with a family or a set location maybe two with a baby. Walk and Shoots are fun with a young family, it keeps the session moving, we get to see more of the park and get some great candids as well as some posed.

The Mountains

A few select locations up at the mountains give awesome color in the fall, really one of the only places you'll find a true "season change" in Las Vegas. Not too far outside of town, keep in mind it can get chilly up here for the little ones and the sun can set almost 2 hours earlier then in town in some locations! I love Snow Shoots! If you want to do one, Lee Canyon is a great spot!

Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer

The Desert

I am a home grown Vegas Girl. Now lots of people are like "Oh a Vegas Girl". No. No. No. I grew up riding bikes, four-wheelers and horse in the desert. All of these images below were my stomping grounds. Vegas doesn't have beautiful forests, we have a desert with a picturesque mountain range backdrop!

Calico Basin

Calico Basin is easy access outside the red rock loop, with a bridge and beautiful desert backdrop. With muted yellows and browns in the fall and winter and greens in the summer time.

Red Rocks

So these are two different locations, both outside of the Red Rock Loop, both are beautiful, less traveled and unique locations to shoot! One is a little bit of a hike and the other is a little bit of a drive. Both Gorgeous!

The Orchard

Gilcrease Orchard offers a great location in the NW side of town, with rows of fruit trees, pumpkin patch in the fall and rows of sunflowers in the summer!

Dry Lake Bed

Just a little bit outside of town, but really a fun and free session! These are gorgeous, clean, clutter free images. Keep in mind that these open locations can have a little bit more breeze then in town.

Nelson's Landing

If you haven't been there before it is a really cool place to check out. Lots of nostalgia, cool barns and old buildings, a few crashed planes, some old cars and an old bus. We use to travel and photograph ghost towns before we had kids, this is one of our favorites. This is about a 45 minute drive outside of town with the sun setting about 1 hour earlier here as it is tucked in between a mountain range.

The Graffiti Walls Downtown

Lots of different Graffiti Walls in the Arts District Downtown. This is fun to shoot then walk around downtown near the container park. Unique and Bold.

The Lake

If you are looking to add some water into your shoot and have a easy, breezy, fun feel to your portraits the lake could be the perfect option for you. It is inside Lake Mead with a $25 fee for entrance.

Norman Rockwell

This is a little boutique style shopping center located in the NW side of town. It has really cute streets, a little park with gorgeous flowers in the late spring early summer, lots of different colors and textures on the buildings. This is a fun place to shoot with lots of variety and styles. Great way to get a chic city look without all the people!

Rose Garden

A quaint small rose garden located on the southwest side of the Las Vegas Valley.

A Park I Know ;)

This little spot I found that has a quaint alley way of park that has beautiful fall trees nestled in the middle of SW Vegas.

Drive & Shoot

This was so much fun! Lexus and I drove around our side of town and just stopped and shot anywhere that we found interesting...we ended up at lowes. It was a blast!

You Name It!

There are a lot of other locations out there including plenty that I have not shot at and would love too! If you have a specific look in mind let me know and I can find the best place to match your style!

Here are some examples to help inspire your imagination! (Some locations have a permit fee and require 1-2 months advanced bookings).


Downtown Vegas

The Strip

Downtown Summerlin

Rose Park

Healing Gardens at St. Rose

Wetlands Park

Lake Las Vegas +$$

Corn Creek +$$

Springs Preserve +$$

Lake Mead +$$

Gilcrease Orchard +$$

Neon Graveyard +$$$

Valley of Fire +$$$