Baby, Milestone and Cake Smash Photography

Babyhood Photography. That first year flies by Mommas! Don't miss it, cherish all of it! Sleepless nights, exhausting days, insane amount of worrying about everything is all worth it when you see these little smiles! You will miss this age one day, so capture it in a magical way. Take lots of at home pictures too, but really celebrate those milestones. I don't recommend specific ages for Baby and Milestone Portraits, I recommend going by the milestones...of course newborn sessions are within the first two weeks, sitter sessions are typically between 4-6 months, 9ish Months they may be are standing and those personalities are flourishing, then One Year, My-Oh-My One Year! Celebrate Them All Mommas, the Milestones don't just stop there, enjoy the Journey! What's Next...

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