Family Portrait Photography

Family First. The best contribution I will ever make to society is being a productive member and raising positive productive members of society. That all starts with a loving family, childhood memories and self worth. Family Portraits in your home are proven ways to build your child's self esteem and self worth. A family portrait should be a beautiful and real image of your family. Now getting all family members on board, including dads can sometimes feel like a challenge, but with advance planning and a pressure free experience, we can get some beautiful images that show the true nature and love in your family! Something to cherish and enjoy for years to come!

So my youngest son gives the best "mad dog" you have ever seen! We call it "The Merrick Stare" because my hubby can give it too, lol. Taking your own family photos is quite the expereience, but I embrace my kid for him, this is his portrait too and part of our family story. He is not a Mad Boy at all, he is the goofiest boy I know, but instead of pushing him for the perfect pose, we play around instead...because what is perfection without some smiles and love? Keep the session light, keep it fun, stay positive and Keep. It. Moving!

Family Sessions are so important, do them annually if you can :)

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