Boudoir Photography

Sexy. Seductive. Sultry. Boudoir Photography is one of my favorite sessions to shoot. It has a fashion flare that I just love. Celebrate your womanhood (or manhood, hey, i'll shoot with men), celebrate your sexy side. Don't wait to have that perfect body, you might feel like that time never comes, you are sexy now...and girl, I got all the tricks in my bag...with the right make-up, right lighting, right posing, right editing and enhancing you will be thrilled with your images. You will be surprised at how easy it is and how much fun you have! This session may be for a significant other, but this session is actually all about you! The sexy playful side is an important part of who we are, especially for those of us who are moms and rarely treat ourselves or get to gussied up anymore. We only have time for 10 minute make-up, a mom bun and our cherished yoga pants! Take a day for your self, get back in touch with your feminine side and Let's Shoot!

Getting Married?! Want to give your man a surprise that will make him feel like THE luckiest guy in the world? As if he didn't already know, lol. With Boudoir Sessions I recommend my Little Black Book as the perfect way to compliment your images and keep them private. It is a gorgeous 5x7 album filled with your favorite images and your welcome to include a private personalized note. This book comes complete with a Boutique Bag to keep the Sexy and Elegant feel all the way around. So Grad that Vail and Garter and Let's Shoot!

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