Child Portrait Photography & Childhood Magic

Child Portrait Photography. Bringing out the Magic and Beauty of Childhood is one of my favorite things to do. My photography journey took on a professional role when I had my first son, I became obsessed with getting great photos of my boys and watching their personalities come to life before my eyes. I want to capture it, to remember it forever. Not just nice pictures of my kids, but all the features of their little face and all celebrate all their interests in a way that is special and fun for them! Proudly displaying Portraits, Artwork and Accomplishments in your home are proven to be a confidence and self-esteem booster for your kids. It is a constant reminder to them that they are loved, that you are proud of them and that they are important. So many of us are great with our first kiddo, but life gets crazy after the second, third or fourth and we don't always take as many portraits as we should. Make the time, because those little faces and personalities are growing fast! I love to make the session about them and help them to celebrate what they are interested in, it engages them in the session and brings out the smiles. Then having a little something in the home that they can proudly display makes it that much more special! Check out my All About Me Portfolio below to see some of the Child Inspired Portraits that I've done!

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