The Mommy & Me Portrait Session

The Power of Motherhood. There is nothing like it. All the planning in the world could not prepare you for the journey of motherhood or the unconditional love that you never knew you could give this fiercely. While motherhood can often feel like a drowning effort of sleep deprivation, self sacrifice, years of worrying and a heart bursting with so much love and adoration that you don't even know if you can handle it sometimes. In these moments when you feel your most vulnerable or at your brink of crazy, this is where you find a strength that you never knew you had and in my opinion your beauty. There is nothing more beautiful and true then a mother's love. It has brought out the best in me and to be honest sometimes the worst, but forgiving myself for my downfalls and loving my kids with all of my heart has made me into a new woman, a confident woman. Don't get me wrong I question my parenting skills on the daily, but I work my butt off to make sure my kids know safety, trust, love and self worth. Being a Mom IS all that it is cracked up to be. We are everything in so many ways, I always say "Moms make the world go 'round!" Let's be honest ladies, "Christmas" and "Birthday's" and Special "First Day's of School" don't just magically happen, MOM's make them happen. Late night wrapping, last minute shopping, finding that ONE special thing that makes their day or year special, that is a signature trait of a loving mom. Knowing how they like their sandwich or their potty schedule are all important aspects of being a "Mom". I could keep going, in fact it looks like I have, but you know what I am going to leave my rant on here, I believe in the Power of Motherhood that much. I have met so many moms from different walks of life and different stories...amazing to heart breaking and everything in between, but one thing is certain...there is not another species on the planet as fierce or as capable as us! So Celebrate it! Join me for Session, let your beauty shine through, YOU are the highlight in a "Mommy & Me"! Do it for you, do it to freeze this moment of your existence...for You, for Them.

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