...did you get the Game of thrones reference?

If so, you are my people, lol.

Mom's Pre-Summer Checklist.

Are you the mom who is so over the hustle and bustle of the school year with never ending lunch packing, homework helping, pick-ups and drop-offs? Or are you the mom who is exhausted just thinking about having the kids home all day, everyday as you are the acting cruise director for the family over the summer months? Either way we all need to take these next few weeks before school lets out to organize, plan and give ourselves a little extra TLC.

  • Plan Summer Activities. Summer camps, workbooks, swimming lessons, sports clinics and family trips. Make a list of some fun places or events happening over the summer that you want to checkout with the family so you always have a plan and something fun to do when you need to get those kids out of the house.
  • Stock up on on Summer Essentials. Sunscreen, swimsuits, beach towels, misting fans for those summer sports days, new sandals and water bottles.
  • Spring Cleaning. Deep clean, organize, declutter, go through the kids closets and create a chore list for the kids to keep them busy and contributing so that you can enjoy summertime too!
  • Scheduling doctors and dentist appointments.
  • Take a couple days to yourself. Read a book, do a spa day, buy a new bathing suit, take a day browsing Sephora & your favorite clothing stores, plan a kidless day date with some girl friends.

We've all been meaning to...

It happens to all of us, life is busy, there is one million things on our to do list and we've all been meaning to ________. When was the last time you wrote in your kids baby book? How old was your kid when you last had their portrait taken? My guess is One Years Old. Sure maybe a few quick snaps at your annual family session in the fall, but let's be real, that is not the same level of emotion that was poured into your Maternity, Newborn or Cake Smash. I am ashamed to admit this was 100% me! So this year I am shaking off the mom guilt and taking back the years I lost and I am writing letters to my kids, working on our family year books (I'll get to those in another post!) and photographing my boys EVERY MONTH this year. Yes, I am a photographer and that is one of the perks that I am just now (with kids at ages 7 & 10) getting around to taking advantage of. My boys weren't always thrilled about taking photos, which has actually helped me become a better child photographer! However now, no one complains as I've learned how to work with them and keep the session moving, be quick, have fun and be playful. They don't need to know I am crafting perfection, that would be too much pressure, but that is exactly what I am doing with every prompt and honestly just letting kids be themselves. I am not a fan of the forced smile portrait, if it isn't natural, I'm not interested. So I wanted to share a few portraits that I've taken of my boys so far this year. I am super excited for next months plans...stay tuned!

That being said...

I wanted to put together a couple Mini Sessions to celebrate your child, right now, within the next 30 days before another year goes by. These sessions are designed to be quick, low pressure and with STUNNING results.