Styling your family doesn't have to be stressful....

As a photographer specializing in newborn photography, I understand the importance of creating timeless and beautiful memories for your family. Selecting the perfect wardrobe for your newborn photography session is a crucial step in ensuring that every moment is captured flawlessly. Here are some tips to help you style your family for this special occasion:

1. Choose Soft Textures and Neutral Colors:

Opt for soft, neutral tones that complement your newborn's delicate features. Muted earth tones, dusty pastels, creams, tans and soft grays work wonderfully. These colors not only create a cohesive and timeless look, but also allow the focus to remain on the precious new addition to your family.

2. Coordinate, Don't Match:

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the exact same outfit. Instead, aim for coordinated outfits that share a similar color palette. This adds depth and visual interest to your photos while allowing each family member's personality to shine through. Consider incorporating subtle patterns or textures for added visual appeal.

3. Timeless and Simple Accessories:

Keep accessories minimal to avoid distractions. Remember, less is often more when it comes to accessories for newborn shoots.

4. Personal Touches:

Incorporate items that hold sentimental value to your family, such as heirloom jewelry, a special blanket, or adorable matching shoes. These personal touches add a unique and meaningful element to your photos, making them even more special.

5. Professional Hair and Makeup?:

This is not a must by any means as I have all the tools in my bag to flatter you without any make-up at all! However if it is something that is causing anxiety over your photoshoot day, consider pampering yourself with professional hair and makeup services before the session or maybe have a friend or family member come over to help you get ready. Feeling confident and polished will not only enhance your overall look, but will also contribute to the timeless and elegant feel of the photos.

By following these styling tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautifully coordinated and timeless look for your family's newborn photography session. Remember to relax, enjoy the moment, and let your family's unique love and connection shine through in every photograph.

Things to Include:

  • Accessories: Jewelry, hats, suspenders, knee high socks, cardigans  and hair bows  can add layers and help coordinate across multiple people..
  • Multiple colors: Choose  a 2-3 colors color palette in the same tone and sprinkle in some neutrals to avoid over-matching .
  • Patterns and textures: Try to limit the number of patterns, my personal preference is only one individual in a pattern. Adding in textures to a small color palette such as velvet, lace, crochet, corduroy can add visual interest.
  • Colored pants: If you are going for an all neutral look, or lots of earth tones, blue denim jeans can throw off the overall look. Instead, use complimentary colored chinos such as olive, khaki, grey, etc.
  • Outfits with movement: Picking outfits that can be flowy and show a lot of movement for the girls can create magical images. Stay away from stiff and too tight fabrics. Flowy maxi dresses and skirts are a great options.  If you are wanting a more casual look, wide leg pants, colored trouser pants, or shorter dresses are also a great option.
  • Flattering fits:  Accentuate what you love and don't hide your entire body.  Stiff dresses can create unflattering illusions, instead, select a flowy wrap maxi that accentuates your curves without being too form fitting.

To Avoid:

  • Bright neon colors: Neon colors can be distracting and cause color casts on your skin.
  • Athletic tennis shoes: Dress the part from head to toe. If you have amazing outfits, but your child is wearing athletic tennis shoes with bright neon colors, it can throw off the entire look. Instead, choose casual tennis shoes such as sperrys, boots, booties, or neutral colored sandal.
  • Large logos: logos can be distracting.
  • Babydoll dresses: Dresses that are very loose and no form to them can make you look larger than you are. Especially if bending over to pick up your kiddo.
  • Everyone in jeans: Change it up with different colors or styles of pants
  • Loud patterns: They are often too distracting. Do not take away from the main focus: YOU!
  • Don't overly match: Coordinate instead. Choosing a harmonizing multi-color palette instead of only 1-2 colors  will allow you to tie in more variety.
  • Same patterns: If you are doing more than 1 pattern, don't mix the same patterns twice. i.e. all boys in plaids. All girls in Floral.  Instead, mix a pattern with a different pattern (stripes and florals).